Med-Assist School of Hawaii, Inc. was first established in 1974 by Thomas and Barbara Weinberg. The school attained accreditation with the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) in 1978. Later in 1992, James Takemoto, presided as the sole owner and president of the school until his death in 2006. He devoted 23 years of teaching and administrative duties to the institution. In 2008, the school converted its clock-hour-based curriculum to an equivalent credit-based system. Today, Med-Assist School of Hawaii, Inc is under the ownership of the James Takemoto Trust. Keiko Takemoto, widow of the late James Takemoto serves as Chairperson of the Board while Helene Takemoto, daughter of Keiko Takemoto and the late James Takemoto serves as President of the school.

Med-Assist School of Hawaii, Inc is a proprietary institution which provides quality training for students seeking a career in the healthcare profession. The school offers two academic programs – Medical Assistant (MA) and Professional Medical Coder (PMC). The Medical Assistant program has been one of the school’s primary programs since 1974. Previously, the school offered Medical Secretary and Medical Transcription Programs. Recently in 2011, the Professional Medical Coder program was established, approved by Department of Education (DOE) and accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES). Med-Assist holds three graduation ceremonies annually, with each ceremony comprising of students who had completed all program requirements from the preceding graduation. In addition to classroom training, students receive on-the-job experience through a required externship with a variety of healthcare scenarios which would include office of physicians, allied care professionals, specialty care facilities and hospitals. The combination of classroom study and practical experience prepares the graduate for a career in the healthcare field. Alumni can be found working in most of Hawaii's medical facilities and often serve as extern preceptors and role models for future Med-Assist graduates.

Philosophy and Mission

We firmly believe that a student centered approach fully acknowledges the inherent potential of each student aspiring to learn. Med-Assist School of Hawaii’s mission is to educate and train Medical Assistants and Medical Coders who will provide quality service to their patients and fellow healthcare professionals. We provide health education and training opportunities for students so that they may embark upon a career that gives them personal rewards while making a serious contribution to the entire community. The school fosters a respect for and alignment with the highest standards, principles and traditions of the medical profession.

In addition, the school encourages thoroughness of preparation, the acquisition of new knowledge and the acceptance of responsibility. The intention of the school is to produce certified graduates who are enthusiastic, cooperative, communicative, supportive and willing to contribute to society. Graduates will master skills in the performance of their tasks, compassion in their relations with others, and awareness of the importance of appropriate decision making and ethical behavior.