10 Reasons to Apply

1. Start a New Career in Just 9 Months!!!
This is the quickest Medical Assisting program on the island! Get on your way to a new career as a healthcare professional in just 9 months! Our curriculum teaches you the clinical and administrative skills you need to become a successful medical assistant in less than a year.

2. Scholarships and Student Loans
Med-Assist School of Hawaii offers student loans and a number of generous scholarships for those who are eligible. Contact us now to find out if you qualify.

3. Career Placement Assistance!
We offer job placement assistance to all Med-Assist School of Hawaii Graduates. Many doctor’s offices and healthcare facilities call the school for prospective career opportunities with us. If you are a graduate and would like a current list of job openings sent to you, please feel free to contact the school.

4. Small Class Sizes
Our small class sizes offer a very personalized experience between our students and instructors. We realize people work and raise families, so we try our best to accommodate their busy schedules. Our instructors are more than willing to help our students grow as healthcare professionals.

5. Day and Evening Classes
New classes begin every 5 weeks, with Evening classes beginning quarterly! Visit the academic calendar to find enrollment dates.

6. National Certification
Our students are eligible for the national Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) exam through American Medical Technologists (AMT).

7. Externship Program
Since 1974, our externship program has grown to include over 110 approved externship sites located all over Oahu! Our students are placed in a 200 hour, five week externship at a specialty office of their choice and get to learn firsthand from physicians and healthcare professionals.

8. Experienced Professionals
Our classes are taught by our highly experienced staff that have worked all over the medical field in a variety of different specialties. Our teachers give crucial, inside knowledge allowing our students to be successful in the medical field.

9. Hands-on Training
The best way students learn is through hands-on training. Our administrative, clinical and laboratory classes teach you all the tools of the trade to become working professionals in the medical field.

10. MASH Ohana
Become part of our 4,000+ MASH Alumni Ohana. Med-Assist School of Hawaii’s graduates have been working in healthcare for over 40 years. They can be found in doctor’s offices, hospitals, and family practices throughout our beautiful islands.