Admission Requirements

Documents & Other Requirements

As part of the application process students must submit a variety of documents certifying their academic background and general health status. Certain documents and requirements are necessary in order to begin the program. Other documents and requirements need to be satisfied either before a particular course and/or phase, or, are applicable only for certain students.

Initial Documents & Requirements: The following must be submitted and/or completed prior to the start of the academic program. Failure to complete all items may result in the student’s start date being delayed.

a. High School Diploma, GED Certificate, and/or Higher Degree: All applicants must either be a high school graduate or have received a General Education Development (GED) Certificate. To meet admission requirement deadlines, documentation of successful completion of an Associate’s degree or higher by an institution recognized by the Department of Education of Council for Higher Education Accreditation will be accepted.

b. Tuberculosis (TB) Clearance: Applicants must provide evidence of a tuberculin skin test and/or chest X-ray received within the last 12 months prior to enrollment indicating no active tuberculosis (TB).

c. Hepatitis B (Medical Assistant Program only): Applicants must provide evidence of a Hepatitis B Panel indicating antibodies against the virus is present or proof that a vaccination series has begun.

Exception: Applicants who demonstrate they have been exposed to the Hepatitis B virus may still be accepted on a conditional basis with the understanding that this requirement be satisfied by a prescribed time. Students with positive Hepatitis B will not be able to be drawn from for a blood sample and will be limited in the practice of administering parenteral medications.

d. Measles Status: Applicants must provide evidence of two doses of measles-containing vaccine with at least one vaccination of the series of the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine or a Measles (Rubeola) & German Measles (Rubella) blood screen indicating positive for antibodies. Students born prior to 1957 are exempt from these requirements.

e. Statement of General Health: Applicants must provide a statement from their healthcare provider documenting their overall health. The statement must confirm that the applicant is free from any communicable disease and does not have any physical, emotional, or mental problems, or any other restrictions, which may affect the applicant’s satisfactory progression in the educational program or participation in any laboratory activities. 

f. Tuition Deposit (PMC Only): Applicants must remit a minimum $500.00 deposit to secure a place in the class. Students admitted who are unable to remit this deposit can postpone enrollment until such time as the deposit is received by the school.


Additional Documents Required for Participating in the Medical Assistant Program Externship: Due to the liability and safety concerns, all externship sites require Medical Assistant students to provide additional documentation. The following must be submitted prior to the beginning of the final externship phase of the program. Failure to submit these items may result in the delay of the student’s externship placement.

a. Health Insurance: Students are required to have health insurance and provide evidence of their health insurance provider during the course of their Externship.

b. Chicken Pox Status (only if the externship site requires): Students must provide evidence of a Chicken Pox immunization, a blood test indicating positive antibodies or documentation of a history of having chicken pox.

c. Tetanus Shot Status (only if the externship site requires): Students must provide evidence of having received a Tetanus shot within the last 12 months, dating back from the expected first day of the externship phase.

Prior Training (Applicable Only To Students Receiving VA Educational Benefits): Per federal regulations related to the Veterans Administration (VA) educational benefits, students receiving VA educational benefits MUST submit all prior academic and/or training transcripts (military or otherwise) for evaluation.  Prior academic and/or training received will be assessed for acceptable transfer of credits pertaining to the academic requirements of the Medical Assistant Program.  Acceptable transfer credits could ultimately shorten a VA student’s enrollment period and consequently lead to an early completion of the medical assistant training. 


Entrance Exam for Medical Assistant Program Only
Medical Assistant Applicants will be required to take the Nelson-Denny Reading Test for reading comprehension and vocabulary. This can be taken anytime during our day time business hours. Appointments are not necessary but recommended.

A minimum competency score will need to be attained in order to gain admittance.

An Assessment Exam for Math (Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE) will be done during the Math for Healthcare Provider Course.