Refunds & Cancellations

In cases where a student either elects not to attend, drops out of school, is dismissed, or cannot otherwise meet the standards of graduation, the student’s enrollment will be canceled, and a portion of the tuition and fees will be refunded. The amount of the refund will be dependent on the total hours of attendance, the tuition and fees assessed to the student, and the specific date the student last attended classes.

With respect to a student cancellation, this shall occur when the student submits a written notice to the school. If the student cancels within three business days of signing the school’s enrollment agreement a full refund of all monies paid shall be granted. If an applicant’s cancellation or withdrawal does not fall within this three-day cancellation policy, an applicant who cancels, withdraws, or is dismissed from school shall be afforded a refund according to the following schedule:


  • Prior to Orientation
  • On or after Orientation but before the first day of instruction
  • On or after the first day of Instruction
  • 100% of all Program costs
  • 100% of all Program costs less a $15.00 Registration Fee
  • Prorated amount of unused Program costs less $15.00 Registration Fee

For students withdrawing after attending the first day of instruction, the refund will be based on the student’s last day of attendance, which is defined as the last day a student had academically related activity, which may include projects, clinical experience, or examinations. Based on this last day of attendance, the refund shall be determined by calculating the unused portion of the student’s program costs. This is achieved by taking the ratio of the student’s remaining clock hours, to the total clock hours in the program, and rounded down to the nearest 5%.  This percentage is applied to the total program cost assessed to the student to determine a refund.  All refunds due to the student shall be returned within 30 days.


Postponement or Cancellation Provisions

The Med-Assist School of Hawaii reserves the right to postpone the start of the academic program, or cancel the academic program altogether, due to cause. Reasons for such actions may include – but are not necessarily limited to – low enrollment, insufficient resources to support the program (e.g. last minute change in available faculty to teach the program), and emergency circumstances beyond the institution’s control (e.g. a natural disaster that prohibits the safe continuance of the program). In such cases, the institution shall take all reasonable steps to refund all unearned monies and/or provide for the future continuance of the program.


Refund Policy Regulations

The policies listed in this section conform to all applicable state, federal and accreditation standards regulating the calculation for student refunds as stated in: 1) the State of Hawaii, Department of Education’s Hawaii Administrative Rules (Title 8, Chapter 1 01), relating to the licensing of Private Trade, Vocational or Technical Schools, August 1988; 2) the sections defining “fair and equitable refund policy” and “pro-rata refunds” in the 1992 amendments to the Federal Higher Education Act (HEA) of 1965; and 3) the Manual of the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools for Allied Health Education Schools, 2008, 5th Edition part V, Sec. 10.c.

Return of Title IV Funds

Students who receive federal financial aid and who completely withdraw from the academic program may be required to return a portion, or all, of their financial aid according to federal regulations governing the return of Title IV funds. The requirements for the return of title IV grant or loan assistance can be found here.

When a student withdraws or is dismissed from Med-Assist School of Hawaii, a determination of the potential refund is made based upon the length of time the student was enrolled and the amount of funds earned. This is calculated by determining the percentage of Title IV grant or loan assistance that has been earned by the student and then applying this percentage to the total amount of Title IV grant or loan assistance that was disbursed or could have been disbursed to the student for the payment period as of the student’s withdrawal date. Any assistance not earned is to be returned to the Department of Education.

If a student has completed more than 60% of the payment period, s/he is considered to have earned 100% of the Title IV grant and loan aid received for the payment period, and no funds need to be returned to the Title IV programs.

Med-Assist School of Hawaii will return any portion of unearned Title IV funds for which the school is responsible. It is also the school’s responsibility to inform the student of the amount of unearned Title IV grant aid that s/he must return, if applicable. It is the responsibility of the student, or his or her parent if a PLUS Loan is involved, to repay any unearned funds that the school did not return according to the normal terms of the loan.

Final charges, and what is determined to be what the student owes to Med-Assist School of Hawaii, will be determined according to the school refund policy (which adheres to Hawaii State regulations) and this “Return Of Title IV Funds” policy. If a refund is due, and financial aid has been disbursed, all tuition refunds will be first made to the Title IV programs. To assist the student in minimizing indebtedness, refunds will first be returned to appropriate loan programs in the order of applicable PLUS Loans, then Direct Unsubsidized Loans, and then Direct Subsidized Loans. If the student has taken out no loans, or entire loan proceeds have been appropriately refunded and their remains additional unearned aid to return, applicable federal grant funds shall be refunded in the order of the FSEOG, and then Pell Grant.

The date of determination by Med-Assist School of Hawaii that the student has withdrawn is determined as follows:

  • For a student providing official notification of his or her withdrawal, the date of determination is the date the student notifies the school that s/he withdrew.
  • For a student who does not provide notification of his or her withdrawal, Med-Assist School of Hawaii will make a determination as to whether the student should be dropped and a refund calculated if a student has been absent for over 14 days.
  • For a student who does not return from an approved leave of absence, the date of determination is the earlier of the date the leave of absence ends, or, the date the student notifies the school that s/he will not be returning.

NOTE: For students taking an unapproved leave of absence, the date of determination will be that date that the student began the leave of absence.

Med-Assist School of Hawaii must return Title IV program funds no later than 45 days after the date of determination.

A post-withdrawal disbursement is a disbursement made to a student who has withdrawn but who has earned more aid than has been disbursed. Neither Med-Assist School of Hawaii nor the student is required to return funds when the student is eligible to receive a post-withdrawal disbursement. A post-withdrawal disbursement must exhaust available Title IV grant funds before utilizing available loan funds. A post-disbursement of Title IV grant funds must be delivered within 45 days after the date of Med-Assist School of Hawaii’s determination that the student withdrew. If the student is eligible for a post-withdrawal disbursement of a loan, it must be offered to the student, or, in the case of a PLUS Loan, the parent, within 30 days of the date of determination.

To make a post-withdrawal disbursement all of the following conditions must be met:

  • The student’s SAR (Student Aid Report) or ISIR (Institutional Student Information Record) was processed by the federal processor on or before the date of the student’s withdrawal. NOTE: This does not apply to PLUS Loans since a financial aid application (i.e. FAFSA) is not required for a parent to borrow a PLUS.
  • The SAR or ISIR contains an official EFC (Expected Family Contribution).
  • Med-Assist School of Hawaii had certified the loan on or before the date of the student’s withdrawal.
  • The borrower had signed the MPN (Master Promissory Note) for the loan prior to the date Med-Assist School of Hawaii completed the return of Title IV funds calculation.

All student information, regarding either leaving the program before its completion, or, finishing the program but at a later date than first determined, will be processed into the National Student Loan Database (NSLDS) to assure proper loan repayment data is recorded.


Return of Federal Aid Calculation Differs from the School’s Refund Policy

The amount of federal aid that needs to be returned to the federal government is calculated utilizing a federal formula that compares the amount of aid a student received to the apportioned time the student was in school during a respective payment period. This formula is based on federal regulatory policy and is NOT the same as the school’s institutional refund policy. In determining the final adjusted financial charges that a withdrawing student owes, Med-Assist School of Hawaii is required to follow these federal calculation guidelines in conjunction with its own refund policies. The satisfactory return of Title IV funds may in fact result in a remaining balance still owed by the student to Med-Assist School of Hawaii.