Non-Discrimination and Students with Disabilities

Statement of Non-Discrimination

It is the policy of the Med-Assist School of Hawaii to comply with all federal and state laws that prohibit discrimination in post-secondary programs and activities, including, but not limited to, the following laws which cover students and applicants for admission to the school: Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended (race, color, national origin); Age Discrimination Act of 1975 as amended (age); Title VII and VIII of Public Health Service as amended (sex); and the Americans with Disabilities Act (disabilities) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.  In addition, the institution complies with all federal and state laws which mandate affirmative action and/or prohibit discrimination in recruitment, hiring, training, promotion and retention, which include all applicable laws covering employees and applicants for employment.


Students with Disabilities

With respect to the ADA requirements, Med-Assist School of Hawaii is committed to providing equal opportunities and full participation for persons with disabilities. It is the policy of the school that no qualified individuals shall, on the basis of disability, be excluded from full participation in any of its educational programs that would otherwise be afforded to any student without a disability. With respect to this philosophy, the following delineates the policies and procedures of the Med-Assist School of Hawaii for assisting students with disabilities.


A “person with a disability” shall include any person who has a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities, such as performing manual tasks, walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, and learning.


Required Disclosure

A student with a disability who requires reasonable accommodations must disclose this information in order to receive said accommodations. While we are committed to assisting all students – including those with disabilities – obtain the best educational training possible, it is the responsibility of the student to make any special needs known to the school.

Students who believe they have a disability may make inquiries on a confidential basis as to disabilities that may require accommodations.  

The student will be advised to bring forth documentation (see Section “Documentation”) substantiating the disability and indicating the requested accommodations. The student will also be advised that unless providing written release to the contrary, the documentation that is submitted will be held in strict confidence by the ADA-504 Coordinator (see Section “ADA-504 Coordinator”). The student will be advised that the reason for providing a release is that knowing the nature of the diagnosis could possibly result in the student’s instructors ultimately providing a more accommodating service.

For example, a student who might suffer from dyslexia may be helped with more learning strategies that enable them to succeed (e.g. the instructor could bold face key words on their assignments, describe the whole picture first or break up an assignment into smaller, sequential steps), instead of just allowing the student more time on a test (because they were advised only of the accommodations and not of the diagnosis). It shall be reiterated here that disclosing information to others besides the ADA-504 Coordinator is purely voluntary.


Communication of Policies

Med-Assist School of Hawaii shall communicate the availability of these policies and procedures pertaining to the requesting of reasonable accommodations based on a confirmed disability to its relevant communities through the following methods:

  • Through verbal communication during all in-person contact meetings between staff of the Med-Assist School of Hawaii and students. This includes when students visit the admissions office as interested prospects, during admissions appointments to complete admittance applications and to take required admissions tests, and as accepted students during student orientation.
  • In written form within a section of its school catalog.
  • In written format online in a section posted to its web site.


ADA-504 Coordinator

As required by federal regulations, the ADA-504 Coordinator is responsible for assuring compliance with all laws and regulations that may pertain to persons with disabilities, including the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. In particular, the Coordinator is responsible for assuring that a student with a documented disability is not discriminated against on the basis of said disability. At the Med-Assist School of Hawaii, the director shall serve as the school’s ADA-504 Coordinator.


A student requesting accommodations due to a disability must provide documentation from a licensed clinical professional familiar with the functional impairments caused by the student’s disability and must also be qualified to render an opinion on any accommodations required. Disability documentation must adequately verify the nature and extent of the disability in accordance with current professional standards and techniques, and it must clearly substantiate the need for all of the student’s specific accommodation requests. All documentation must be submitted on the official letterhead of the professional describing the disability, and must be dated and signed and include the name, title and professional credentials of the professional, including all information relevant to license or certification. If the original documentation is incomplete or inadequate – based on the requirements stipulated in this section – to determine the extent of the disability or reasonable accommodation, Med-Assist School of Hawaii shall have the right to require additional documentation.


Second Opinion:In evaluating a student’s documented disability and request for reasonable accommodations, Med-Assist School of Hawaii shall maintain the right, if it so desires, to obtain a second opinion with respect to both the disability and accommodations. In such a case, all costs associated with obtaining that second opinion shall be borne by the school.


Reasonable Accommodations

Med-Assist School of Hawaii shall furnish reasonable accommodations or aid as necessary to afford the student with a disability an equal opportunity to participate in the service program and in-class activities conducted by the school.  



All records pertaining to a student’s disability shall be maintained by the ADA-504 Coordinator and shall be treated with strict confidentiality. These records shall be maintained in a separate file, apart from the student’s admissions file, and shall be maintained in the ADA-504 Coordinator’s office.

Informing Staff: The ADA-504 Coordinator shall be responsible for informing all affected school staff of the accommodations that are to be made for a student who has been verified to have a disability requiring accommodations. However, in so doing, unless authorized by the student in writing to the contrary, the ADA-504 Coordinator shall not reveal the student’s specific diagnosis to the staff, only the required accommodations.


Record Keeping

The ADA-504 Coordinator shall be responsible for maintaining all records pertaining to the student’s disability and accommodations. In maintaining all records, the ADA-504 Coordinator shall adhere to the following practices.

  • Disability-related information shall be treated the same way as medical information.
  • Disability-related information should be collected and maintained in separate files from that of the school’s other administrative and student admissions files.
  • Unless voluntarily authorized in writing by the student, no other staff member besides the ADA-504 Coordinator shall have access to the documentation certifying the student’s disability and requested accommodations, or the names of the professionals who provided such information
  • Should information pertaining to the disability documentation be kept as computer records, that the site at which the records are kept be accessible only to the ADA-504 Coordinator, unless this requirement has been rendered moot by the voluntary release in writing of the student that others are allowed to know the nature of the disability, in which case, only those authorized by the student shall have access.


Procedures for Handling Disability Accommodation Requests

Students who have a disability and who will require reasonable accommodations on the part of the Med-Assist School of Hawaii must complete the following steps.

  • Advise the Med-Assist School of Hawaii that they have a disability that will require reasonable accommodations.
  • Provide relevant documentation to Med-Assist School of Hawaii that confirms the disability and the request for accommodations.
  • Based on all documentation collected, the ADA-504 Coordinator shall meet with relevant staff to discuss reasonable accommodations and communicate this back to the student.
  • The ADA-504 Coordinator shall inform all relevant staff of the required accommodations to be provided to the student, and if provided in writing by the student (optional) shall inform them of the specific diagnosis if the ADA-504 Coordinator believes release of said information will assist the staff to better serve the student.
  • The ADA-504 Coordinator shall be responsible for monitoring the progress of the student and the accommodations made, and make any necessary adjustments.
  • The ADA-504 Coordinator shall be responsible for maintaining all required confidentiality and records.


Grievance Procedures

Should a student who has been afforded reasonable accommodations from the Med-Assist School of Hawaii wish to file a grievance for any matter related to the agreed-to accommodations, they can appeal to the ADA-504 Coordinator. Said grievance should be filed immediately, and no later than five days after the student contends that the matter on which the grievance is contended occurred.

The ADA-504 Coordinator shall review the student’s complaint and render a decision within 10 days of receiving the complaint, and this decision shall be final.

If the student is dissatisfied with the decision of the ADA-504 Coordinator and wish to appeal the decision to another authority, they may do so by contacting the:


Office of Civil Rights

U.S. Department of Education

               915 2nd Ave., Suite 3310

               Seattle, WA 98174-1099


Confidentiality of Records

In compliance with the Family and Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (The Buckley Amendment), Med-Assist maintains its student records with strict confidentiality.  Academic information will not be released to a third party without the expressed consent of the student.  Unless mandated by law to release such information, the school will require a written request from the student before releasing any academic transcripts to any person or party other than the student. Academic information will not be provided by telephone.