Career Placement

It should be understood that while the training students receive through the program, combined with individual student efforts, usually results in graduates finding jobs, Med-Assist School of Hawaii cannot guarantee that graduates will become employed.

To assist its graduates with the employment search process, the school solicits position descriptions from local physicians and compiles a current job listing that is updated bimonthly.

Each currently enrolled student attends the Professional Career Development Course in which professional career skills are taught and a portfolio and career profile is created. Mock interviews are conducted by actual industry Human Resource personnel.

In addition, each student is afforded a job listing at the time of graduation that provides current information on all of the available positions listed in the field. Additional listings are provided upon request. If further assistance is needed, a graduate can make an appointment with the school administration to establish any skills evaluation or inquiries.

Graduate Placement Survey

Are you a graduate of any of Med-Assist School of Hawaii programs? Let us know where you are working or how we can help you by completing this survey. Mahalo for your time!

Graduate Placement Survey